Marine Reactions

MGEN ClarkClick on image to read letter Letter From MGEN Clark, USMC, Commander, MARSOC, presenting the MARSOC Commander's coin to "Honoring their Service" The following are some of the comments from Marines. 2009 “When you are carrying 80 pounds on your back in 120 degree heat half way around the world and people are shooting at you, you sometimes wonder if Americans even care. This week, I learned that Americans really do care.” 2011 "This is the most fun I have had since I have been in the Marines." “It is great knowing that the country loves us as much as we love our country” “I saw a Marine with a leg brace kayak down the Little River and ride a jet ski.  It was great because he smiled like he didn't have a care in the world.  You get a chance out here to just forget everything and enjoy today.  The past will always be here tomorrow, but today was ours.” “You will never know what it means to all of us to have you do this for us.  Not just the people here at Keowee Key but the opportunity you gave every community from here to Easley.  I have never felt so appreciated and proud then I have this week.  You will be in my heart forever.” “Words cannot explain the overwhelming feelings that were brought on by the hospitality of the members of the Keowee organization.  I cannot lie to you, I was almost in tears on the way out...This whole event was the most enjoyable time I have had in the Marine Corps.” “My best memory was the people out in the streets of towns welcoming us in. Shocking. All of this for 40 Marines.” “For me the best memory was seeing the community work so hard for us.  Many of the Wounded Warriors speak of how persons do not seem to care anymore.  And this was a good eye opener for them.  I'm honored to have this event in my own back yard.”  Medically Retired Marine 2012 “The event set the tone for my new life as a veteran.  I really was shocked and blown away by the support of the local community because I really wasn’t expecting that. “ Medically Retired Marine “The motorcycle welcome and parade was astonishing beyond words.  It made me/us all feel important and welcomed.” “This week was a one of a kind experience.  I was able to do things I have always wanted to do.  I caught the biggest fish of my life but that did not compare to the feelings of being welcome and supported.” Medically Retired marine 2013 "Seeing the faces on all the American citizens knowing that they are there to show the support and utmost respect." “Traveling through the towns seeing the level of support from the communities is one of the most humbling and fulfilling experiences of my life." 2014 "My best memory will be the time I spent talking and interacting with everyone in the community and surrounding area." "It was great seeing my buddy open up." "My hosts were awesome. We had lots of laughs and lots of fun together." 2016 Dinner comments by Col. Duke  

Saying Thank You, Face to Face, Heart to Heart