Route times

Estimated Time Table for Motorcycle Escort/Parade * Motorcycle Escort departs Red Owens staging area                     2:15 Rock Springs Baptist Church/SR 123 intersection                          2:25 On SR123 at Rte. 8 overpass                                                                         2:32 On SR93 at SR178 intersection/ Liberty, SC                                       2:42 On SR93 at SR137 intersection/Norris, SC                                          2:50 Continuing on SR93 at mid town Central, SC                                    2:56 SR93 merge on to SR123 in Clemson, SC                                             3:03 SR123 and SR130 intersection (CVS)                                                    3:15 SR123 at SR28/76 intersection (Miracle Circle)                             3:20 (Travel through City of Seneca, SC) SR123 at SR130 intersection (CVS)                                                          3:27 On SR130 traveling along the Waterford Communities             3:35 North on SR130 at SR183 Wells Fargo Bank                                      3:42 SR130 to Keowee Key North Entrance                                                  3:47 In Keowee Key-South Flagship to South exit gate                        3:55 SR130/183 to Duke Power World of Energy                                      4:00 Lighthouse - final destination for Motorcycle Escort                   4:05 *All of these times are estimates of when the LEAD SC Highway Patrol vehicle will be at that location and will most likely vary from 5 - 10 minutes (plus or minus) depending upon speed or other issues affecting the escort. Plan on approximately 10 - 15 minutes for the entire escort to pass.

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